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Captains of Industry Old time radio show

CI Upstairs at Thomas Edison's Menlo Park Laboratory (removed to Greenfield Village), note the organ against the back wall, published by Andrew Balet under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.5 Generic license

“Captain of industry” was a term originally used during the Industrial Revolution describing a business leader whose means of amassing a personal fortune contributes positively to the country in some way. This may have been through increased productivity, expansion of markets, providing more jobs, or acts of philanthropy. (definition from Wikimedia)

Andrew Carnegie

George Westinghouse

Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer, chromolithograph superimposed on composite front cover of his newspapers, c. 1904, public domain image from the U.S. Library of Congress prints and photographs division

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Cyrus McCormick

Cyrus McCormick's reaper, public domain image

Charles Lewis Tiffany

Frank W Woolworth

Charles Lewis Tiffany, 1900, public domain image

Marshall Field

George Pullman

The 1908 Studebaker Brothers limousine.  This limousine had an open driver's compartment for the chauffeur and a closed cabin for the passengers, typical in Edwardian limousines, public domain image

The Studebaker Brothers of South Bend Indiana

George Eastman

William Wrigley Jr.

Milton Hershey

Andrew Carnegie at Skibo Castle, c. 1914, public domain image

E. I. DuPont

Thomas Alva Edison

John Davison Rockefeller

Phineas T. Barnum


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